We Sell Shellfish From The Seashore…

Every morning, seven days a week the sailors of the Cornish Fleet head out to their secret fishing grounds to pick us the finest fruits of the sea.


Quality, provenance, sustainability

The Cornish Shellfish Company is one of the leading suppliers of quality shellfish to customers across the UK.

From cockles and mussels to Native Fal Oysters, clams and scallops, we provide some of the finest fruits of the sea to restaurants, seafood specialists, elite caterers and wholesalers who understand that quality is king when it comes to shellfish.

At Cornish Shellfish we hold provenance and sustainability at our heart and work directly with Cornish fishermen to preserve shellfish stocks. We also support the local community to make sure that their local area is looked after and preserved for future generations.

If you want to deal with the best in the business, contact us to find out how we can help with your shellfish needs.