About Us

Every morning, the sailors of the Cornish fishing fleet head to their secret fishing grounds to pick the finest fruits of the sea.

At The Cornish Shellfish Company we make sure the very best of those fruits get to our customers ready to be tasted by shellfish lovers across the country.

Through close relationships with Cornish fishermen, we supply cockles and mussels, oysters and clams, and seasonal lobster and crab. The Cornish Shellfish Company also supplies the renowned Native Fal Oyster and we can also provide farmed scallops – a sustainable, tasty and year-round product that is ideal for restaurants and wholesalers.

At our home in Gweek, nestled on the banks of the Helford River, our skilled team purify, select and handle the catch before it heads off to the finest plates nationwide.

We start with 10kg boxes but can cater for amounts to suit our customers’ needs. As we like to say, ‘the sea’s the limit’. We also sell direct from our site Monday to Friday 9am-12 noon and by prior appointment outside of these hours. That means people visiting the area or locals can buy the freshest shellfish right from our door.

At Cornish Shellfish we put sustainability at the heart of what we do and are members of the Shellfish Association of Great Britain and Cornwall Wildlife Trust Good Seafood Guide. We are also supporters of the National Lobster Hatchery’s buy-one-set-one-free scheme and donate 10 pence for every lobster that we sell to the hatchery.

When it comes to supplying quality shellfish, we’re the best in the business. To discuss your needs or find out more about what we do, contact us here.